NetworkedPlanet provides the tools and products to help organizations to manage knowledge and content together.

The Web3 Platform

The Web3 Platform The Networked Planet Web3 Platform provides a complete solution for managing and publishing semantic data. Web3 makes it easy to create domain knowledge models complete with semantic links between concepts and provides a simple browser-based interface for adding and editing concepts and their relationships.

Concepts for SharePoint

Concepts for SharePoint Concepts for SharePoint makes it possible to integrate a complex domain knowledge model into the standard SharePoint Managed Metadata System (MMS). Users can navigate via Concept Pages, that bring relevant content directly to them without requiring them to search.

Concepts for EPiServer

Concepts for EPiServer Like many web content management systems, EPiServer manages the pages of a site in a strict hierarchy with limited tagging support for managing other groupings of pages. With Concepts for EPiServer it is possible to use an existing domain knowledge model to structure the content of and access to a web site; or as a way to better index and organize existing site content.


BrightstarDB BrightstarDB is a native .NET RDF triple store with some unique features that make it the ideal platform for developing both Linked Data applications and generic applications that require a flexible schema-free approach to storage in a .NET environment. BrightstarDB was created by the founders of NetworkedPlanet and is now an open-source project.

Networked Planet also offer a range of consultancy and training based on our products and the standards they support.
  • BrightstarDB Support Pricing Announced
    • We have just added a new page to the site detailing the pricing levels for commercial BrightstarDB support. We have tried to provide a cost-effective support offering that can suit small teams and scale up to encompass larger teams. Our basic support is charged per named contact rather than per developer in your team – […]